About Mary Pat

Mary Pat Knight Leverages Emotional Intelligence to Develop Leaders in HR, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Effectiveness

Photo__standingMary Pat Knight is a Transformation Strategist and Business Coach. Her training, coaching and mentoring programs help corporate leaders hone their Emotional Intelligence (EI) to become effective leaders.

She works with companies and leaders who want to turn chaotic teams, disengaged employees and frustrated leaders into a vibrant and healthy business. Her customized EI leadership development programs produce inspired leaders whose teams create compelling cultures, engaged employees and business results.

Drawing on her C-level leadership development experience, Mary Pat leverages Emotional Intelligence in corporate training and executive coaching in key business areas including:

Leadership mastery development

Strategic planning

Human resources

Organizational effectiveness

Management and supervisory development

Integrated marketing

Project supervision

Mary Pat helps leaders find their passion and develop their leadership skills. She equips leaders to fix broken teams, jar them from their leadership ruts and reinvigorate disengaged employees.

Developing Leaders Creates Stronger Teams

“Mary Pat helped my organization clearly identify our team’s purpose and shared company values. As a result, we communicate more effectively as a team. Her process was instrumental in developing our team’s leadership skills. Our team is stronger and so are our relationships with our clients!” 

Elizabeth C. Treacy, 
President and Chief Strategist
Treacy Marketing Group

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Will Transform Your Organization

When you are ready to do the inner work of Emotional Intelligence Mary Pat will guide you through the process. Want to get your dysfunctional team headed in a new direction? She’ll be there. When your organization needs transformation, Mary Pat provides the crucible for change.

To connect with Mary Pat about her coaching, mentoring, and training programs click here.

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